I recently received the remains of my best friend. This is my sixth pet to be cremated by Forget Me Not. I have always received a little something showing the recognition; forget me not seeds, ink paw print, clay paw print, angel paw pin (all of which I keep in my car) . Sadly I just received the urn, card stating it was him and the pendant I ordered. I have four matching urns, now that everything is done online I got what I thought was the same urn as the rest, sadly it was not and the quality was not anywhere close the others. This was my second dog to be sent for cremation in less than a year at Forget Me Not and the urns and service are radically different. Not to mention the pendant I paid over 300.00 for which I just realized is not even sterling silver. To top it off it took over two weeks and I have never had to wait that long to receive the remains back. I am heartbroken and the loss of little touches is very disappointing.