This heartfelt thank you is long overdue. My beloved Tuxedo cat passed in May 2013. The kindness and compassion that everyone at Forget-Me-Not showed me is ever remembered.

It was indeed a trying time for me as my husband was coming to the end of his battle with cancer and died a month after Tuxedo. We lived for our cats as they were the children we never had. We had just moved and our new veterinarian recommended Forget-Me-Not and I am forever grateful that she did.

The kindness and compassion began the moment the wonderful young lady at the desk picked up the phone. I was not accustomed with our previous vet to accompany my beloved pets to their cremation. When I was told I could have a private cremation I was so grateful.

From the moment I walked into you facility I could feel how much you cared. I had a chance to say one last good bye in the private viewing room. I was so taken with how gently the young man placed Tuxedo’s body in the crematoria. He gently curled him up as though he was just sleeping.

I chose to wait for Tuxedo’s ashes. There was a dog and a cat in the reception area. The cat had been a rescue and it stayed by my side as I sat on the floor and stroked it for well over an hour. All the while the business when on around me as I sat on the floor and cried. Everyone was kind and stopped to see if I was alright and they listened to me tell “Tuxedo stories”.

I had the ashes of the many beloved cats I have been privileged to call my own in a custome made wooden box but unfortunately it was becoming too small so I was interested in a larger urn. I saw the urns in a display case and found a lovely one, the classic silver and gold and when the cremation was completed Tuxedo’s ashes were placed in the urn.

My husband would have wanted to be there with Tuxedo but he was in the hospital. Shortly after returning home we were told the end was near for him. He saw the urn that now contained the ashes of all our cats who had passed and he joked that it was so beautiful that he would like one like it for his own ashes. My husband was not one to express feelings and this was one of the rare times he mentioned anything to do with his own death.

The young lady at desk (I’m so sorry I can’t remember your name) was so helpful in calling the urn company to find out the specifics and I was able to order an urn for my husband’s ashes. When my husband passed away a month later I had the beautiful urn with a lovely engraved plaque as the center of his memorial service.

I want you to know that if you ever, ever doubt how grateful we are for your compassion or that you are performing a needed service…DON”T. You are very special people and we all appreciate you. My husband and I were used to being laughed at for all the love, attention, time and money we spent on our sixteen cats but those cats provided more comfort and love than any people we knew and they were our family. You all treated Tuxedo as though he was your own pet.

When I have the sad task to send off another of my beloved cats, I will come to Forget-Me-Not again.

Thank you so very much.