I picked up my best friend Pepper’s ashes yesterday at our vet’s office and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was so touched by the way she was “protected” in the package and all of the “extras” they put in it, ie the packet of seeds to plant in her memory, the copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” and the certification that these in fact were her cremains.

It’s hard to trust these days, because we’ve all heard horror stories about loved ones (either human or pet) and intentional/unintentional “mix-ups” with cremains. What a comfort it was for me to see Forget-Me-Not’s website with the full explanation of how they ensure such a thing won’t happen. It’s a beautiful service they offer and I would recommend them to anyone going through this.

I learned of Forget-Me-Not from our vet here in Upstate NY and they said it was a new company they had been working with for a short time. When I got the call from our vet that her cremains had arrived, the girl at the vet said “you’re going to be so happy; they did such a beautiful job”.

I’ve been telling all of my family and co-workers about how wonderful Forget-Me-Not has been and I so appreciate you and what you do for us.

I agree that from my contact with Stephanie (who left me a voicemail that was so kind and empathetic) to Kathy who ultimately walked me through my options was amazing. I could really feel that they “got it” and took the time I needed and assured me they were “taking good care of Pepper”. I wish I could have been there to participate, but I’m comforted to know she was in such good hands in my absence.

I had “my little girl” for 16 years and though I’ll never be able to replace what she brought to my life, I know I gave her a wonderful life too.