After 14 years, we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Harold on July 13th. The staff at Forget-Me-Not are amazing. They not only handled my dog Harold with love and respect, they were so compassionate and supportive of my family. We chose to have a private service where we were able to visit with Harold before his cremation. To some it might feel a bit silly to have a funeral or wake for a pet, but then they do not understand how a pet can be deeply loved and cherished. My Harold was a part of our family for 14 years, and I grieve his death no less than any human I have lost during my life. Harold was that important to me. The staff at Forget-Me-Not understand and embrace this with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. As hard as all of this has been, I am so grateful that I was able to have closure with my dear Harold- I will forever be grateful to Forget-Me-Not for giving us that opportunity. I typically do not write these kind of posts, but I felt compelled to acknowledge their great service.

Bill Lorenz