My beloved Diego passed away on July 11, 2018. He was almost 15.
I want to commend Forget-Me-Not for the compassion shown to me and the dignity with which they treated my dear member of the family. From the gentle and caring Stephanie who answered the phone on my initial contact with Forget-Me-Not to the quick and safe return today of my Diego’s remains, I was so impressed and grateful for the way he was packaged, the obvious care that was taken, the beauty of the urn I chose and its velvet pouch, and the “little extras” included – his paw prints keepsake, the rainbow bridge card, the paw prints pin, the signed and numbered authenticity certificate of cremation, the Forget-Me-Not flower seeds, the brochure on grieving a pet – that gave me great comfort and closure. Diego is home now and resting on the mantle of my living room fireplace. You have made an unbearable event in my life a little easier. Thank you. Well done!