Long review but I want people to know that there are options even with Covid that your family member can be with you at home when it’s time to go to Heaven.

Huge thank you to Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory. Our precious Avid was just a teeny 10 week old baby when he arrived home with us and at 15 years and 4 months we had to say goodbye. We had Dr. Christine Maxfield (Owner of In Home Euthanasia of MA & RI) come to our home for Avid’s passing as I couldn’t deal with our Vets Covid policy for euthanasia (I love our Vet dearly, but I just couldn’t do it there. Our family wanted to be with him at the very end.) We opted for a Private Cremation and I am beyond impressed by the kindness of the staff at Forget-Me-Not.

Dr. Maxfield transported Avid on our behalf to Forget-Me-Not, and processed the paperwork for us. Just a few short days later, I received a very nice voicemail from a woman named Jennifer who left her condolences and let us know that sweet Avid was ready to come home. When we arrived on site, I called to let them know that I was Avid’s mom and I was there to take him home. I was greeted outside by a kind gentle giant, who saw that my eyes were swollen and red from the days of mourning. He quietly said “I am so very sorry, Mrs. McGrail” as he handed me the bag.

In our adorable Forget-Me-Not reusable burlap bag we received Avid’s ashes along with beautiful cards from both Forget-Me-Not staff as well as Dr. Maxfield, his tiny paw print, forget-me-not flower seeds, and his certificate of cremation. They also returned Avid’s sweater he wore the day he passed and blanket he was wrapped with in a special bag that was labeled “Please Handle Gently.”

My humble thanks for taking such good care of my sweet boy. I am unable to attach a photo here but I made sure to on Facebook and Google reviews showing Avid in all his silly glory doing what he loved : stealing Jumbo Crayola crayons from him human siblings.

God bless.