We just lost our amazing 175lb big boy Zeus on Dec 14, 2020. Our vet provided us with two useless pamphlets that only listed the basic service options, no pricing, no turn around time, no extras etc, upon calling them to find out how to proceed we received a full voicemail for one and left a message for the other, to this date 12-31 still no returned call. After Googling Pet Cremation I was lucky to come across Forget-Me-Not. I was so worried they wouldn’t service our area since we are pretty far from their location. They were amazing. We really can’t say enough good things about them. I sent an initial email inquiring and received an extremely compassionate, concise and detailed email within minutes. When you are grieving you don’t want to deal with a bunch of nonsense. We had not doubt they would treat Zeus with the respect we wanted and expected. The entire process and packaging was exactly what we had hoped for. The “extras” like the package of forget-me-not seeds, angel paw pin and Rainbow Bridge Poem were very sweet. Our kids love the clay paw print. Zeus had both his knees repaired and we found the metal hardware packaged nicely in the box with his ashes. The tag and the labels on the ashes and boxes assured us that we got OUR dog back not just any ashes in a bag. Hopefully we never have to use this service again but when we do we will not hesitate to contact them immediately. I will also be calling my vet, they need to be referring clients to them as well. Thank you so much for all you have done to help ease our pain and getting Zeus back home where he belongs within days.