Our Process

Forget-Me-Not follows a comprehensive standard operating procedure to ensure that cremains are always returned to the rightful pet owner. For private cremations, it is important for owners to know that their beloved pet has truly been returned to them.

  • Great DaneInformation, including details on your pet and your cremation wishes are completed at your veterinary clinic and placed into our automated tracking software.
  • The vet places your pet in a holding container and an identification tag is filled out and attached to your pets holding container.
  • A stainless steel cremation tag with an engraved ID number is also attached to the holding container by the veterinary clinic. This stainless steel ID tag remains with your pet throughout the cremation process. The ID number is documented in our automated tracking software.
  • Forget-Me-Not picks up your pet in their tagged holding container and double checks that our printed labels and your pets holding container tag are complete and correct.
  • During cremation, the holding container identification tag is attached to the cremation chamber, the stainless steel ID tag remains with your pet.
  • After cremation your pets’ cremains are placed into an urn along with both identification tag and stainless steel tag.
  • A certificate of cremation bearing your pet’s name, owners name, stainless steel numbered tag number and date of cremation is prepared, personally signed and returned with your pets’ cremains.