Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Amy Finkel

    Saying goodbye is never easy… but knowing you’re not in any more pain and you’re finally reunited with the person you’ve been looking for (over a year now), makes it a little easier to accept. It was a joy to have you in our lives. Given the stressful situation you came from, you immediately settled into our lives as though you were meant to be here the whole time. You attached yourself to your favorite people and became part of our family. You gave Banditt a friend, you gave Lilly a best friend, and you gave Mamie a part of your mama. I will miss you getting so excited for your walks (even the super cold ones), your sassiness when you didn’t think we heard you (the first time), your wiggles of excitement when we came home, and your super sweet snuggles and kisses. You had an incredible 15 years and 3 months. You were able to have two families, not one, in your lifetime. You were always surrounded by love. Give your mama the biggest snuggle and kiss, tell her how much we miss and love her. And please know little girl, we will miss you and love you always… until we meet again. We love you, Ginny.

  2. John Gosselin

    Boomer was Rescue dog, who came to us via Baypath Humane Society, in February of 2006. He was just three years old, and was got him so that our other Chihuahua, Rocky, would have a companion during that times that no one else was home. He was fairly typical of a Chihuahua, in that he bonded with just a few people (my wife, my oldest son, my youngest daughter, and myself – he & I were very close), while being indifferent or even weary, of most others. He was like my little shadow, following me around everywhere in the house. He was a self-appointed “Den Defender & Pack Protector”, despite his small size. My youngest daughter – who knows quite a bit about dogs – told me that size has nothing to do with it; it’s in the dog’s personality. When someone was in the house that he didn’t know, Boomer would sit by my feet, or sometimes by my wife’s feet, and just watch the “stranger”, ready and alert, for anything which he deemed a threat. A very protective little dog, who never weighed more than about 7½ pounds. He and Rocky got along famously; they never had a fight in all the years that they were together, and slept inches from each other every night. He loved to sit on my lap, or, curled up aside of me; as I would stroke his hair & pet him, he would start making a whole bunch of contented sounds, almost like a cat purring; I called it The Happy Growl. I was the only one that he did this for. He was a small dog, with a big, big heart; he will be dearly missed by all who loved him.

  3. Sehar

    Sweet Gloria, words cannot express how much I love you. You put up a fight for 2 years and i’m grateful for you hanging on for as long as you could to keep me company through the years. I’ll never forget the good times we had together. You’ll always be my best friend. I’ll always think of you on road trips, they’ll never be the same without you. I hope you’re up in heaven playing with Lady and meeting lots of other dogs, and running through green pastures, like the ones in Vermont. You are no longer in pain, it’s time to run free. If you get the chance, Come say hi to me please.

  4. Sandhya KC

    Petey my dear friend we miss you and love you so much u have left our hearts empty George and Ollie are missing you you were the sweetest dog in the world Pinky Toby And Billy are waiting to play with you in the rainbow bridge pasture please save a room for all of us so that we can play with you guys . We love you and miss you a lot

  5. Leah

    My sweet baby girl. Peanut you were my best friend for 17 years. You stood by me through everything. I could always count on you being happy to see me every day.
    The house is so quiet so empty now. I hate coming home now. You’re not here to greet me. I have no one sleeping on me anymore.
    I miss you so much. Play with jack and uncle frank until I get there
    I love you pea

  6. Carla Ashton-Cohen

    We lost a beloved member of our family today. “Zeke” our Golden Retriever modeled how to love unconditionally everyday of his short 8.5 year life. He lost his battle with brain cancer this morning. We will miss his snuggles, his loving gaze and his enthusiasm for romping through the woods. He was so well behaved and allowed the grandkids to crawl all over him without running off to hide. We will cherish the found memories he helped to create and we are all so very grateful to have had him in our lives.

  7. Lisa Aiello

    In memory of my sweet little Layla. You were such an amazing companion and the love of my life. I will cherish all the time we got to spend together and I admire the strong fight you put up for your Momma. Life will never be the same without you and your sweet face to cheer me up. Love isn’t a strong enough word for my feelings for you. Play in heaven pain free and wait for me, Momma will always love and cherish you until my last breathe.


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