Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Remington

    My dear sweet Remington,

    Freckle-faced little Roo Bear – There are not enough words to thank you for all you gave our family. We will always be grateful for the almost 14 years you walked us through life – never missing a single adventure. We miss you so much already even though we feel you all around us. This picture may seem silly to some people – but it perfectly captures how we view you – you were – and always will be our hero.

    Love, Momma, Daddy, Maverick, and Baby

  2. marybeth gerrish

    Miss Bear came to us 9 years ago and was the light of our life. She loved car rides, all food and her doggy day care. She protected us from hawks, crescent moons and any sketchy leaf that blew by our windows. Our house is so quiet without you, dear pups.

  3. Miriam Banash

    Scout was a smart and funny terrier mix brought to us on a truck from Alabama. We had heard she had a heart murmur but were unaware of the implications until she was ours. Then we learned that it could mean a serious heart issue. It didn’t matter as far as keeping her. She was ours and we loved her for as long as she was able to be with us. It was only 6 years and 6 months.
    Scout was so smart and understood full sentences like “I can’t find your collar”. I ran around looking for it she found it and set it down next to her. She was a bright light that burned out sooner than we hoped. She was fierce and did not like new people coming to visit. She was sweet and loving to everyone when we took walks but not at home. Home was just for her family.
    Scout was always looking for ways to communicate with us in ways we understood. As a puppy she destroyed many things, but as an adult that behavior shifted to just picking things up and bringing them to us. Shoes, socks, vacuum cleaner parts and my slippers. It often meant she wanted to go out or wanted a treat. She loved her treat ball which we always filled with her regular food. She was more likely to eat if it was in her ball. She wasn’t a great eater. She sometimes would bring that ball and throw it on me. HARD! If I was asleep she knew putting her cold nose on me would instantly wake me up, especially if she could find an area of exposed stomach! Not too long ago my husband was doing something with the vacuum cleaner and she brought him the part she felt he needed.
    My favorite times were early in the morning at the top of the stairs where she would wait for us to get up. She would stretch out for belly rubs. She wouldn’t sleep in our room no matter how hard we tried. She wanted access to the whole house at all times to patrol for intruders or problems.
    Last summer she alerted us to a leak in the septic tank! She was in the house and suddenly wanted me to follow her. I followed as she ran to the back door and I let her out. She went over to the septic tank area and looked at me. She wouldn’t do anything else until I joined her and she knew I was aware. There was a puddle and a nasty smell. We called our septic service and they were able to help before any property damage occurred.
    I miss Scout so much. I miss her crazy hair and broken tail and polite doggy kisses. The tail was broken before she came to us. It never bothered her. When she sat and wagged her tail she could wag just the end past the break.
    I’m posting my favorite photo of her. It was taken in July of 2020 when we were home all the time due to the pandemic. I like to think she was showing her appreciation by bringing me my slippers and setting them perfectly in front of me then looked at me as if to tell me to put them on. I laughed and grabbed my phone to capture the moment.

  4. Kerry Penta

    Lily, my siamese cat, I’ve had for 16 years, since she was a baby. She was my best friend, my first born, mu cuddle buddy. I can not imagine life without you. I can not imagine a better cat than you. You were the most affectionate cat, you came and laid with me when I was sad, sick or you knew I was going on vacation. I hope you are resting in peace without pain. You will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see you on the other side so we can be together again!

  5. Carter

    Moose. You always made me smile when you would meow on the kitchen table as soon as I came home from work every day, laugh when you would try to fit in every box or suitcase that was open in the house, and always captured my heart when you’d literally say “Hello?” When you wanted someone to come help you with something.
    You were a calm old man who loved watching Joe Pera and learning about how ‘Sheds were just tiny Barns’. I’ll miss you randomly choosing to lay on top of me and peeking from around the corner searching for signs of life after not seeing people walk by for 20min or more. I hope you have endless Salami slices where you are and hope you hang out with Balthazar while your up there on Rainbow Bridge, but also dont forget to say hello to my dad and tell him our adventures, I’m sure he’ll love you!
    Moose, even though I didnt have you your whole life I really hope you knew how thankful I was to you for bringing so much love into my life and to the lives of everyone you met in the span that you were here.
    You’ll always be my first little boy.
    I love and miss you so much,

  6. Erika Cataldo

    Drake was truly one of a kind and there will never be anyone like him. Drake was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January 2020. He underwent amputation and an immunotherapy clinical trial. We were blessed to have had almost 2 extra wonderful years with him. His death came too quick, but I am glad he’s not suffering or in any pain. I like to imagine that he is whole again and eating all the treats in heaven. I will miss his snuggles, his grunts, his smell and most of all his unconditional love. I love you Drakey.

  7. Toni Desrosiers

    Meili, you were the love of the family, mostly to Derick and I. You are so missed, words can’t describe how much, the heartache is unreal, I would do anything to have you back home. Accidents happen and I understand that but you were taken way too soon. The loving kisses we got when we left for work and the tons of kisses I got when I returned, I miss pulling out that kitchen chair so you could jump in my lap and give me all your love. It’s hard coming home now. I miss my little girl, my friend, my anchor, it’s hard to go on without you. Love you Meili 6/14/14 – 11/5/21


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