For everyone's safety, we will now be practicing social distancing. If you are planning to bring your loved one to our facility or will be picking them up, we ask that you contact our office first at 508-393-0133 and our staff member will meet you outside. Thank you for understanding and be safe.

Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Debbie Sahrbeck

    Bear you were so loved and you gave so much love. You will always be in my heart and will never be forgotten. You have a part of my heart that will always be yours and my love will continue to grow for you knowing that you are in a place of happiness and free of pain.

    I will love you always Bear Boy.

  2. The Silvermans

    Our dog Tia left us on Sunday afternoon after 15 glorious years with our family. Everyone in the family agrees that we weren’t complete until we brought her home way back in 2006. She was unique, from the way she wiggled her bottom when excitable, or the way she’d make the cutest snorts when kissing her snout. We lost our best friend, and after 15 years of continuous love, joy, and comfort, there’s a void in each member of our family that will only be filled when we meet again. We love you Tia!

  3. Hayli Melanson

    The Frito smell when we’d wake up together

  4. Katie Whitmore

    Things I’ll miss about Miley.

    1. Feeling the pressure of her on my chest
    2. Feeling her snug in my armpit when we cuddle
    3. Taking afternoon naps together
    4. Her deep meow when she’s “killed” a toy and wanted to show me
    5. The way her hair would be messed up when we woke up from a nap
    6. When we would cuddle under the blankets together
    7.The way she would wake me up by bopping me on the nose to eat
    8. How she was the best big sister and let lucy suckle on her for the first year
    9. When she would try to steal my food with her claws
    10. The way she licked my nose when I picked her up and held her.
    11. How she liked my finger to be on her nose when she slept
    12. That she loved to be the little spoon
    13. She shared toys and food so good with her sister
    14. Her snore
    15. Her loud purr to tell me she was hungry.
    16. Her playing with string, the laser, and crinkly balls.
    17. How she was so determined to steal Lucy’s food she learned to do a pull-up to get to the places I put the food since she was too fat to jump
    18. Her annoying meow when I was trying to feed her like I was going to forget and eat the food myself.
    19. How she was always at the door when I came home
    20. When she came when called
    21. How she loved being under the covers in the winter.
    22. When she used to drink out of cups…and the toilet
    23. How she liked to lick my fingers and nose when we were cuddling
    24. She loved mcdonald’s french fries
    25. She loved meeting new people and would immediately sit on them and demand pets and make me jealous
    26. When she let me squeeze her so hard to show how much I loved her
    27. She let me use her as a pillow
    28. Her smell
    29. Her resilience: she beat kidney failure twice, and despite having multiple fast growing cancerous tumors in her throat, she kept a good enough spirit and attitude for me to not even realize until she could barely breath and swallow. She was always the favorite animal at the vet because she her personality always showed through her pain.
    30. How much she loved me. In her last week all she wanted to do was cuddle with me and be near me. We cuddled until the very end of her life, her head on my shoulder.

  5. Hester

    Max, you were your boy’s best friend. His room was your home base, and you provided the kind of sweet support that would always reach him, no matter that we sometimes couldn’t.

    We will miss you for the rest of forever but take solace knowing that we did everything we could to save you. Your pain was short lived and you left this world the same gentle, and calm way you lived in it. We love you so much.

  6. Andrea Baker

    Muppet was dropped at a shelter in Florida16-years ago as a stray who was about 2-years-old. Muppet was already named and waiting to be loved, though underweight and sad. When we brought him home, he blossomed into a gentle giant who loved everyone and every dog he met. He smiled all the time! When we moved to Boston in 2013, Muppet made friends on his daily park walks over his 8 years in Jamaica Plain. Kids would run to him because he looked like a giant stuffed animal! People who claimed not to be dog people loved him. Once I took him on the T and an older lady told me she wanted to “steal” him. Students read to him when he came to school with me. His favorite activities were sticking his head in the recycling bags, sitting on his back deck watching passers-by, and running free in the park. He was 18 or 19 when he left us, the day after Valentine’s day, 2021. To know Muppet was to know a smart, gentle, responsive, kind, expressive, and sometimes really funny dog.! He smiled, he cried, he had emotions (contrary to what some experts state). Muppet was our family.
    I wish I could share more than one picture of this kind-hearted and expressive dog!

  7. Lamont McCarty

    Lamont McCarty
    Our Princess was 22 years old.
    We found you when you were 2 weeks old and bottled fed you to survive. You were the sweetest girl since the day I held you. You have changed my life forever and I am so honored to be your mommy and best friend. I will think of you and love you forever!❤️


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