For everyone's safety, we will now be practicing social distancing. If you are planning to bring your loved one to our facility or will be picking them up, we ask that you contact our office first at 508-393-0133 and our staff member will meet you outside. Thank you for understanding and be safe.

Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Kevin Crowley

    T-Bone, you will always be with us! The hurt isn’t going away, but your pain is gone now. So I guess that’s all that I care about. We had the strongest connection! Any time I started having anxiety or depression issues you would make sure to cuddle with me and show me love. The look of pain you had all the way to the end killed me the past few weeks. And yet you still wanted to make everyone happy. That smile, calm loving nature, and love of everyone and everything will never be forgotten! Thank you for saving my life. Kayden, Nanna and myself love you so sooooo much buddy!! You were always the best dog and made me so proud!! Thank you for everything and just being you T-Bone. Till it’s my time and you great me at the gates of heaven. I’ll be missing you! Love Dad

  2. Rocky

    My Dearest Stugy (heeeeenarls).
    It will be one year in a few weeks that you left my side.
    Almost all of me went with you but God had me stay -instead of you:(.
    I will never ever forget you my son as I continue to grieve alone come Dec 9th,2019 along with your Brother Mandarin.
    And then again on your Heavenly 18th Birthday Dec 15th. 2019.
    I love you forever in a day-forever in my heart.
    I am so grateful that you came into my life-but left too soon.
    I thought you would be forever like soo many other loving things.
    I wasn’t ready for all the changes that came after with your passing.
    I still turn to you for guidance still ..I know you hear me

    Forever missed,
    Mommy Ruliera xo

    Love always-Mommy Ruliera

    Mommy Ruliera xo

  3. Melissa Thomas-Febo

    My Dear Sweet Precious.. I want to thank you for being the Joy in our lives for 11 years. I still can hear your sweet little bark at the door when I’m coming home from work.. I miss you sleeping with us in the bed and just being with us everyday. I want you to know how much we so miss you and that our lives with never be like it was. I want you to know your love was so special to us. I hope your are having the time of your little life. My heart is breaking with out you . Until we meet again my sweet precious . We love you !!! 2007-2019

  4. Jay-Colleen-Cailee-Lucas & Shannon Alper

    Our Prince. You are missed so much. You will always be the love of our life.

  5. Danielle Donachie

    Summer August
    July 1, 2012-November 11, 2019

    Before your 7th birthday we were handed the worst news that you had lymphoma. With treatment, your cancer went into remission for a few months. When you went out of remission your cancer spread all over. You fought hard and even ill, you comforted your family. We love and miss you terribly. You were always loving and went along with what your parents did. When mommy and daddy decided to bring another dog home, you welcomed him, a rescue named Yogi. When mommy and daddy decided to foster to adopt a baby, you welcomed him and took care of him. We always called Cody your baby. You loved life and loved going to the vet to see the other dogs and people. We are grateful for the time we had with you and our only regret was that we didn’t have you til old age.

  6. Jack Semco

    I’ll hold you in my heart forever, General Stonewall Jackson “Jack.” You were my best friend, truest companion, and the most beautiful, loving soul I’ve ever known. I will miss you for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me so much joy and unconditional love. Until we meet again, precious baby. I love you with my whole heart. ❤️July 2005 to November 9, 2019.

  7. Derek Darrow

    In loving memory of the best cat ever. Your brother will keep an eye on things until we meet again


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