Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Kristen

    Amor was the love of my life and I will miss him everyday of mine until we meet again. The seeds you sent me I planted and they have blossomed into a beautiful Amorial. I will look at them and fondly remember the times we had together.

  2. Sonia

    To our sweet, gentle, loving, little Prue Bear, on Aug. 14th at 9:50pm our lives forever changed when you departed to Doggy Heaven. Your wings were ready but our hearts were not. You are irreplaceable, and are and will always be missed. We love you Prue!

  3. Amanda

    Toby was a handsome, fun, cuddly, and loving cat. He loved to sit on the couch with us every night, and he always knew when it was time for milk. He always ate dinner with us, played with his sticky hand toy, watched the birds outside, and he always purred so loud doing it. He truly was the greatest cat we could ever ask for, he was taken from us too soon at the age of 9, but we know he isn’t in pain. We Love You Toby!

  4. Gail Demaso

    Dear Rogue, you have been a good and loving friend. And it is with this in mind that we set you free to pass with dignity. Something we should have considered months ago when all this started. We kept selfishly hoping this disease could be managed – it cannot be. So, it is with a heavy heart and with great love that we let you go to the Rainbow Bridge. You will be forever in our hearts. There are others who will miss you as well; but, this is the easiest and most dignified way to let you go. We will let the others that you leave behind, know that your final time with us has been eased in a dignified and loving manner.
    All our love,
    Your forever friends Jack and Gail, Nicole and Kristina and a myriad of loving friends.
    8 August 2018


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