Remember Your Pet

We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.



  1. Bethany VanDeman

    My sweet man Bonez was the love of my life 16 years was not enough !! I miss you every minute of every day you brought me so much joy I miss your snoring and drooling . This family will never be the same without you we have truly lost a family member ! I will wear my necklace with your ashes everyday till me meet again , I will meet you on the rainbow bridge I can’t wait to kiss that face again !
    Miss you
    Love Mommy ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lisa

    Howie was such a wonderful, loving boy. He is sorely missed by his family. I wish we could have had you for another 14 years. 6 years was just way too young. You were one of a kind and can never be replaced. BCE for life. 100 kisses, we love and miss you every day. Ella would have adored you just as much as I do!

  3. Katelynn Nestor

    Whipp was our sweet boy who we rescued at a young age. We got almost 11 years out of him before he succumbed to his diabetes in November of 2017. He is still so loved, so missed, and we will forever cherish his love that he gave to us during his lifetime. You made my life better with you in it Whippy. I love you boy. Rest Easy, until we meet again.

  4. Jacquie DeCelle

    Molly was a wonderful member of our family.
    Sadly we lost her January 2018. She was only 8 years old. She lost her battle to kidney failure. she was a gentle sole. She was always with the family.
    Loved everyone. Her best friend is the large boxer that she helped raise since Bayley was 7 weeks old
    is now 2 yrs old and misses her very much.
    We miss you. Sleep sweet angel.
    Jacquie & Bill DeCelle

  5. Adrienne Roesch

    My boy, my companion and my love, 16 years wasn’t enough time. My love for you will last a lifetime.
    Life can be cruel and you were delt a tough hand these last few years. You were strong and you fought – your strength gave me strength and we marched on together for almost 2 extra years.
    You’ve made my life better by giving me the opportunity to love and care for you. You and your brothers helped me out of some very dark times and I will never forget that.
    Until we meet again my love ❤️ be sure to save us all a spot.
    Mini Roesch 2002-2018


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